Davis Auto Detailing becomes Adam’s Premium Car Care Products Dealer

I’m happy to announce that I’ve become Montana’s only Adam’s Premium Car Care Products Dealer! This allows me to bring professional detailing products to my clients and customers, the same ones I use to detail vehicles.


Why buy Adam’s?

There are a few reasons why it makes sense to buy a professional level detailing product like Adam’s.

  1. Made in the USA – which is a very rare thing in today’s economy. The company is located in Colorado, and everything they sell is made in the USA, so it’s great to support this kind of company.
  2. Small Company – they are small company with great people, and they provide outstanding customer service, beyond what I’ve experienced with pretty much any other company.
  3. Protect Your Investment – Today’s vehicles are complex and expensive. Using the wrong car care products can wreak havoc on the finish. Each of Adam’s products have been carefully researched and developed to provide the best results while being safe for your finish.
  4. 110% Money Back Guarantee! If you’re not satisfied with the products, Adam’s will give you your money back, plus 10% for your trouble. You can’t go wrong with that, right?

Shop Now!

While I do recommend that my customers have their cars detailed regularly (by yours truly, of course,) I realize that some people are just more DIY. That’s cool, I’m that way myself. Why not get the right tools for the job so you can do the best job you can and protect your investment? It may cost a couple of extra bucks than the Made-in-China stuff you can pick up at the local store, but trust me, the results are impressive, and with the guarantee, there’s nothing to lose. Plus, since I’m local and mobile, you can save the hassle of shipping, and see the products before you buy.

So, take a look at the product selection I’m offering. I’m not currently carrying every single item they sell, but sticking with the most popular products at first. If there are products you’d like to order, just contact me, and I can get them for you quickly.

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