Premium Interior Dressing Applicator – Single

Premium Interior Dressing Applicator – Single

Premium Interior Dressing Applicators - Single

  • Evenly Applies Adam's Leather & Interior Conditioner
  • Contours into Tight Areas in your Interior
  • Soft Foam Development Makes a Little Go a Long Way
  • Washable and Reusable


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$ 4.95

Fine grade foam in a versatile shape that lets you get an even application of dressings and conditioners into even the tightest spots of your interior

Our specifically cut and contoured Adam’s Premium Interior Dressing Applicators help you apply either Adam’s Leather and Interior Conditioner quickly and evenly. Tapered sides help reach tough areas below windshields and reaching into tight spaces, but it’s still big enough to get even the largest surfaces dressed quickly. These great applicators hold enough product thanks to their “soft foam cell” development to make a little go a long way.

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